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Sep 17 2021

Professional Producing Director, Africana Studies / Rites and Reason Theatre

Brown University Providence, Rhode Island, United States

Identifying Information
Position Title: Producing Director
Department: Africana Studies/Rites and Reason Theatre
Position Reports to: Department Chair
Date Prepared: July 2021
Job Family: Staff
Grade: 11

Position Purpose
Describe the primary purpose of the position including quantitative data that supports the scope of the position relative to the department and/or University.

The Department of Africana Studies/Rites and Reason Theatre brings together traditional academic activities with the programming and agenda of a fully- fledged theatre and performance environment. This position will oversee the Department’s programming, seminars, exhibitions, projects and initiatives, including all Rites and Reason Theatre productions.

The incumbent will collaborate closely with the Africana Studies Department Chair, the Rites and Reason Theatre Faculty Artistic Director, and other members of the Africana Studies Department to develop and execute programs, set, and maintain project budgets, manage artists and technical crew, supervise staff, oversee the department and theatre infrastructure and other support systems, and fundraising.

This position may teach one class during the academic year in event planning and management, technical production, design, or other appropriate topics at the discretion of the Department Chair, and carry a non-tenure track faculty appointment in Africana Studies.

In addition, they will interface with university administrators, alumni, students and community members in the design, development and execution of Africana Studies-related initiatives across the campus.

Africana Studies’/ Rites and Reason Theatre is a research and developmental theatre dedicated to giving expression to the diverse cultures and traditions of continental and diasporic Africans and the vast Africana experience. Rites and Reason’s unique Research-to-Performance Method (RPM) is a systematic process that organizes teams of artists, scholars and researchers in the scholarly and creative development of new theatrical performances.

Embedded within its home in Africana Studies, Rites and Reason is a critical space for professional and student artists, writers, and scholars to explore and engage Africana intellectual and cultural traditions, translating them into creative theatrical and expressive forms.

Able to work weekends and evenings as required.

Major Responsibilities
Describe the major areas of responsibilities and the results the incumbent is expected to achieve. Please include an estimate of the percentage of time for the responsibility.

1. Major Responsibility: Produce and Manage All Events Developed and Presented by the Department of Africana Studies and the Rites and Reason Theatre 60%

  • Create, uphold and communicate the scholarly and artistic vision of the Department and the Rites and Reason Theatre in partnership with the Department Chair, Faculty Artistic Director, Africana Studies faculty, staff, students and alumni.
  • Collaborate with the Chair, Faculty Artistic Director and other members of the Department on short and long-term event planning and projects.
  • Schedule and chair regular event production meetings.
  • Set and maintain the yearly event production schedule.
  • Work with the Department Chair, the Faculty Artistic Director, Africana Studies faculty, staff, presenters, contractors, students and other stakeholders to fully understand the requirements of each event and to
    ensure all goals and requirements are professionally met within Department guidelines.
  • Establish and maintain event and production budgets in collaboration with the Department Chair, Faculty Artistic Director, Department Manager, Africana faculty, and staff members (e.g. design, tech,
    costume, publicity, media services).
  • Negotiate and execute contracts in coordination with Department staff and university administration.
  • Liaise with Department and university staff, outside vendors and presenters to procure needed equipment and materials.
  • Promote Africana Studies events in collaboration with Department and university publicity, marketing and communications.
  • Write grants and fundraise in coordination with other university administrators.
  • Set and maintain safety and security policies and other required procedures for Africana Studies events.
  • Attend Department meetings, rehearsals, techs, events, and productions.
  • Represent the Department at the Brown Arts Initiative and other university-wide meetings as needed.

2. Major Responsibility: Supervise Technical Theatre staff, Events and Facilities Coordinator and Tech Crews 20%

  • Supervise staff to ensure work progresses in the appropriate, timely manner.
  • Schedule and chair staff and production meetings.
  • Communicate HR needs for above-named staff to the Department Manager concerning time off, sick leave and benefits.
  • Set professional goals for individual staff members and write and prepare staff job evaluations.
  • Work with staff to ensure student work crews are trained in both safety and technical elements.

3. Major Responsibility: Instruction 15%

  • Must be available to advise formal independent studies and group independent study courses, as well as informal advising to faculty and student users. May teach one course per academic year in event planning and management, technical production, design, or other appropriate topics at the discretion of the Department.

4. Major Responsibility: Artist Recruitment 5%

  • Identify talented artists and scholars to invite to campus by attending arts events, building collaborations with arts institutions, and sourcing new work through social media and other platforms.
  • Engage, interview and evaluate potential candidates.

Job Qualifications
List education, experience and expertise necessary to achieve the expected results.

  • Master’s Degree with 6-10 years of related experience or the equivalent combination of education and experience
  • Productive and wide-ranging contacts in the professional arts world, preferably with Black theatre, dance, and/or music artists and scholars based in the U.S., the Caribbean, in Africa, or other parts of the African Diaspora.
  • Prior financial management and supervisory experience.
  • Working knowledge of professional theatre, dance or other related performance practices, tools, materials, and safety protocols.
  • Strong organizational and management skills and a demonstrated ability to collaborate with and mobilize others (staff, faculty, students) to achieve shared goals.
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills as well as strong interpersonal skills.
  • Extensive knowledge of Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Power Point), Google Suite (Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, Calendar, tasks, etc.) and Zoom.
  • A team player who is able to listen well, inspire others, and lead by example.
  • Possess a willingness and ability to support and promote a diverse and inclusive campus community.

Other Information
Please use the following checklist to identify general physical demands and working conditions. Additional specific physical demands and working conditions required to perform the job should be added. Also indicate any information that would be helpful in understanding any unusual or hazardous conditions associated with performing the position, or specific work schedule information.

  • Able to work weekends and evenings as required.
  • This position is a highly visible position requiring excellent communication skills, ability to work under pressure and ability to achieve Departmental goals while appropriately and creatively using available resources to the fullest.

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